Energy Services

Custom energy solutions for your asset.


A comprehensive energy solution from beginning to end. Providing a comprehensive energy solution to your asset’s energy needs including procurement, budgeting, consumption, and analytics. LPC Energy Services offers energy brokerage and energy management solutions for commercial real estate owners of all sizes. Our goals are to obtain the best price possible on electrical & natural gas rates and focus on achieving energy efficiencies within our clients’ real estate assets.

Energy Procurement

The LPC Energy Services team streamlines the entire electricity or natural gas procurement process to fully satisfy their clients’ energy needs. With an extensive network of electricity and natural gas suppliers, the LPC team can obtain rates much faster than the individual consumer.

The process begins with a thorough understanding of the clients’ goals and needs. Then, we’ll tailor a customized, strategic plan for procuring an asset’s utility rate. The plan will then be executed from the beinning of the RFP and contract review phase to the installation phase. Committed to the success of the asset, LPC Energy Services will perform periodic analytical reviews of the energy consumption data to maintain the efficiency of the asset for the duration of the contract.

Energy Monitoring

LPC Energy Services and its partner, Aquicore, that provides our energy monitoring platform, shares a dedication to superior service and energy efficiencies. Incorporating this monitoring platform, it fundamentally changes the way we understand a building’s usage of energy and detects where efficiencies can happen. And most exciting of all, gives our clients more control over energy costs and the utilities that serve them and their energy costs.

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