Facilities and Engineering Management

This department’s system of daily checks and balances assures exceptionally high standards in efficiency and sustainability within all buildings.

Cedric Simon

Operations Manager

P: 202.438.1500

Cedric has been a standout engineer and operations manager with a sharp eye for practical application and management of complex, multi-million dollar commercial HVAC systems for the past 19 years. A proven go-to technician, Mr. Simon possesses the skill and education to vet high-level bids, oversee diversely abled staff and execute critical maintenance on equipment such as semi-hermetic compressors without aborting the system. He is talented in streamlining workflows, staunchly committed to ‘green’ strategies and avails himself to inside and outside customers with swift response times and a desire for excellent customer service. Cedric runs the historic Southern Railroad Building as well as seven additional properties.

Cedric is fully adept in process efficiency, coordination of all preventative maintenance, tenant improvement coordination, supervision of engineering staff, maintenance of cooling towers, pumps, and drives in conjunction with EMS, Fire Life Safety, replacement of heat pumps and air handlers, etc.

Cedric is a certified EPA AHERA Inspector with Universal CFC License and maintains his OSHA certification. He graduated summa cum laude in the field of stationery engineering from Lincoln Tech.


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