Human Resources

Heidi M. Phelan

Operations Coordinator

P: 202.513.6727
Work closely with Property Management, Human Resources, Accounting, and IT to provide day-to-day support to properties and clients as necessary. Including coordination of transition activities. For Lincoln, Heidi started as an Assistant Property Manager under Lisa Cunniff then was promoted to Property Manager under Judi Garland and now as our Operations Coordinator. She has a very diverse background as far as employment goes (MRP Development, Tenenbaum and Saas, PC, Countrywide Home Loans, Washington Mutual, United Airlines). Currently, she enrolled with BOMI International to get the Real Property Administrator (RPA) Certification, I have 1 class left, projected completion in Fall 2015.

Support Staff

Our support staff assists in managing strategic tasks to ensure every detail is accounted for.

Anya Kucherska

Administrative Assistant P:202.513.6725

Heidi M. Phelan

Operations Coordinator P:202.513.6727

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