6595 Springfield Center Drive
Springfield, VA
Owner / Client:

Transportation Security Administration

Transportation Security Administration

Awarded in August 2017

622,812 RSF / 15 year firm term

Wow Factors: Navigated complex legal matters; Agency-specific special requirements


Jae Lee led and partnered with GSA in this complex, Prospectus-level, Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable procurement of a 622,812 RSF lease-construct for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at 6595 Springfield Center Drive, Springfield, VA.


TSA required the acquisition of a leased location to consolidate three existing operations throughout Northern Virginia. Two were TSA leases and the third was GSA. Significant coordination was required to ensure the three lease expirations matched project schedule for the Headquarters.


Jae had significant involvement in the development of the Agency Special Requirements (ASR), including, but not limited to: building shell credit; emergency generators; electric charging stations for GOV vehicles; enhanced HVAC and supplemental A/C to 24-hour operations; and preventative maintenance for government equipment. A major focus of the Government’s test fit analyses was specific to TSA’s special spaces (SCIF, Auditorium and IT/Computer Rooms).


Jae negotiated a below-market rent for this lease construction and was able to negotiate $19.6M in Lump Sum Cash Concessions and a full year of free rent. Jae also negotiated LEED® Silver certification for the Core and Shell as well as LEED® Commercial Interiors certification for the tenant build out.


Other negotiated amenities included an 11,000 RSF retail outparcel development with minimum guaranteed operational commitments coinciding with the government’s hours and a free-standing parking garage structure that can accommodate up to 1,711 parking spaces for the exclusive use of the government.


The lease was awarded in August 2017 to a lease-construct solution near the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail station. The project schedule anticipates GSA accepting space in two phases by 4Q 2020.

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