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Royal Ahold / Giant Food / Martins’ Food

The Challenge: Find gas pad locations for existing Giant and Martins food stores in the Washington, D.C. and Richmond Markets.   The Solution: Work together with client to identify best...

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Suburban Retail Leasing

256 Maple Avenue, NE

The Challenge: To Lease a brand new retail building within a short time frame since building construction already commenced The Solution: Formulated a strategic leasing and marketing approach to give...

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Urban Retail Leasing

3033 Wilson Boulevard

The Challenge: Re-tenant all of the 1st floor retail within an older Office Building in the heart of Clarendon with mom and pop tenants. The Solution: Created a leasing strategy...

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Lincoln Café at Lincoln Park I

13900 Lincoln Park Drive

Project Overview As a committed third party manager, continually seeking to add value to our clients’ portfolios, Lincoln Property Company took an existing under-performing deli amenity and transformed it into...

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1717 Rhode Island Avenue, NW

1717 Rhode Island Avenue

The Challenge: 81,000 SF vacant for over 5 years.  A unique combination of historic and new construction with challenging glass-line and floor plates. The Solution: Marketed to non-traditional tenants.  Secured...

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Maritime Plaza

1201 M Street, SE

The Project: Two 5-story buildings built on a listed brown field site that utilized minority construction and a D.C.-sponsored “First Source Agreement” that utilized local D.C. residents for the labor...

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The Executive Building

1030 15th Street, NW

The Project: This project consists of a 12-story, 175,000 square foot, 1968 building that was attached to a new 12-story, 150,000 square foot building. The result was 28,000 square foot...

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Navy League Building

2300 Wilson Boulevard

The Project: This 7-story, 214,000 square foot project is a Silver LEED certified building. Lincoln was hired as a development consultant/manager to help a project that was stalled in the...

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Lincoln Park II / Dulles International Centre

3079 Centreville Road

The Project: Four 2-story, tilt-up office buildings of approximately 100,000 square feet each and having 50,000 square foot floor plates, divided into 25,000 square foot wings. The space is virtually...

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Lincoln Park III / Dulles International Centre

13857 McLearen Road

The Project: This 5-Story, 200,000 square foot project consists of 40,000 square foot floor plates divided into 20,000 square foot wings. The space is virtually column-free, amply powered and suited...

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