Lincoln Café at Lincoln Park I

Lincoln Café at Lincoln Park I

13900 Lincoln Park Drive
Herndon, VA
Owner / Client:

Colony Realty Partners, LLC

Project Overview

As a committed third party manager, continually seeking to add value to our clients’ portfolios, Lincoln Property Company took an existing under-performing deli amenity and transformed it into an updated café that reduced expenses, and pleased tenants.

The Challenge

  • Lincoln Park I is a single building, with three tenants, and approximately 300 occupants.
  • The largest tenant in the building had a clause in their Lease requiring a deli. Their office was staffed 24/7.
  • Tenant Leases capped their respective operating expense increases.
  • The building’s deli didn’t provide seating, it was only open 5 hours per day, and would close 1.5hrs mid-day to pick up food that was prepared off-site. The deli was financially insolvent, and had to be subsidized at the cost of $40k+ per year.

The LPC Solution

  • The old deli contractor service was terminated, and LPC managed the demolition and repainting of the suite.
  • After researching alternatives, Monumental Markets was selected as the new service operator.
  • The deli was re-branded as Lincoln Café, and promoted the client’s name prominently on the logo.
  • The formerly staffed deli was now completely automated – security monitored by the vendor.
  • Lincoln Café equipment was provided to the building at no cost.
  • Without a worker extra space was made available to install tables and an HDTV.

Results Achieved

  • The café is open 24/7 to tenants.
  • The new café costs the client nothing to operate!
  • Deli operating expenses diverted to common area energy saving initiatives.
  • Building given a $150/mo stipend for marketing, meetings, and tenant relations.
  • Positive feedback from tenants.
  • Sales increased 28.67%!

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